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 "My mission is to rescue children around the world and my dream is that one day I won't have to." 

In response to a current online hate campaign.

Public Notice


On 10th April 2018 CARI Child Abduction Recovery International made a public statement after we were made aware of the current online defamatory hate campaign set up by conman/fraud, Eric Kalmus and his fraud and online troll associates after Eric Kalmus along with Aaron Todd scammed a U.S father $54K and they were exposed, Colin Chapman, Pat Desmond, Donya Al Nahi, Susan Brown and Andrew Laws. These parasites love nothing more than to start social media hate pages, using fake accounts in order to attack other parents, females and anyone who speaks the truth about them. 

We will update our followers and supporters as information comes in and we get permission from our attorneys to post. I can tell you Eric Kalmus has now changed his name, as well as filed for bankruptcy in a Californian Court, in order not to pay me and CARI a large compensation for his online defamation....COWARD. We will be naming each of the individuals involved. One thing we will never do, is to back down from any fraud or paedophile. Follow my blog here on this link, where I expose paedophiles who have sexually abused their own children, and for years have gotten away with it, attacking the parent who has protected the children.

There is currently civil and criminal proceedings underway against those involved in three different countries. 

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All images are actual pictures of children we have recovered. These pictures are always posted with the consent of the client.

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Read blogs about all things related to International Parental Child Abduction IPCA. You can also read about these frauds and associates.

About Me

Adam Whittington CEO Founder CARI and PRC


I have been forced to create this website not by wanting too, but because I am aware of a defamatory website using my name and company name. These sad online trolls and associates seem determined that you know who I am and who my business is. If you are interested in this information this is the place that you will find that information in full truth. 


I have dedicated the last 19 years to helping abducted children return home to their left behind parents through my company CARI Child Abduction Recovery International.  Throughout this work we have meet with the British and Australian governments to discuss IPCA International Parental Child Abduction and their response. CARI is committed to advocate for change in laws to see that IPCA, not just abduction but also retention is made a serious crime by their countries laws. We have also worked with Embassies on every continent of the world. 

Myself and CARI have been featured in numerous online publications as experts and also the only recovery agency to feature in a documentary about Child Abduction with ITV in the UK. We are the only organisation to ever recover a child from Laos as in this short documentary by the father and a UK channel and recently from Tunisia 

Channel 7 Australia featured myself and CARI in this program after we recovered an Australian child from Thailand 

CARI Child Abduction Recovery International are the only ones who get results. We continue to prove this with action not words.

My Paedophile Blog

CARI Child Abduction Recovery International is the only reputable recovery organisation in the world. Others try to copy, rubbish us online and sabotage CARI. We are the only organisation to be outspoken about frauds in this industry. If us being outspoken makes us targets of the frauds then we will continue to do this in order to protect any left behind parent being scammed by them. We are sick to death of parents coming to CARI with their devastating stories of paying money and those they pay do absolutely nothing but sit on their sofas at home.

I am also the proud founder of the NGO Project Rescue Children (PRC). I absolutely hate those who sexually abuse children. Even worse are paedophiles who rape and sexually abuse their own children and get away with it, as so many do. PRC is a registered charity in Australia governed by a board of directors. PRC's mission is to rescue children that have been lured into sex trafficking and we work with partners to provide after care and support for these children. We also educate on the reality of Human Trafficking and raise awareness that modern day slavery is more prevalent than ever in the history of the world.

I am also a proud father to two amazing sons who mean the world to me. I love nothing more than to hang out and spend quality time with my boys usually on the jet ski getting wet.

Lastly I want to thank all my clients (past and present), followers and supporters who have contacted me about this online hate campaign and for ignoring it. 

The individuals involved in this defamatory online hate campaign will be brought to justice. Follow my personal blog here where I expose those who seem to think it's OK, to sexually abuse their own children. I have a passion to bring down child sex abusers and paedophiles. Follow this link to my YouTube channel

Cheers Skippy aka Adam Whittington

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